Snap Planets: Celestial Hierarchy of Snapchat Friend Solar System

Snap Planets

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, Snapchat has consistently managed to stay ahead of the curve, capturing the hearts of the elusive Gen Z demographic. One of the recent additions to the Snapchat Plus subscription is the intriguing feature known as “Snap Planets.” This feature brings a cosmic twist to your friend list, assigning celestial bodies to your closest friends through the Snapchat Friend Solar System. In this comprehensive exploration, we will delve into the order, meaning, and impact of Snap Planets on the Snapchat experience.

Unveiling the Cosmos: Snap Planets Explained

1. Mercury: The Proximity Pioneer

At the heart of the Snapchat Friend Solar System lies Mercury, the closest planet to the sun. In the context of Snap Planets, Mercury represents those friends who hold the utmost proximity to you. These are the individuals with whom you frequently exchange snaps, creating a warm and immediate connection. The closer the friendship, the more prominent their presence on your Mercury orbit.

2. Venus: Radiating Positive Vibes

Moving outward, Venus takes its place in the celestial hierarchy of Snap Planets. Venus represents friends who radiate positive energy and bring joy to your Snapchat experience. These are the individuals whose stories never fail to brighten your day, and their snaps contribute to the overall positivity within your social media universe.

3. Earth: The Core Circle

Earth is the third planet from the sun, and in the Snap Planets scheme, it represents the core circle of friends. These are the individuals who form the foundation of your social world. You share a deeper connection with them, and their presence on your Snapchat is not just about casual updates but signifies a more profound bond.

4. Mars: Adventurous Allies

As we venture further into the solar system, we encounter Mars, the planet of exploration and adventure. In the context of Snap Planets, Mars symbolizes friends with whom you share exciting and adventurous snaps. These are the allies who accompany you on virtual journeys, creating a sense of exploration and discovery within your Snapchat interactions.

5. Jupiter: The Wise Counsel

Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, embodies wisdom and guidance. In the realm of Snap Planets, Jupiter represents friends whose advice and insights you value. These individuals serve as mentors or wise counsel, offering support and perspective, making your Snapchat experience not only enjoyable but also enriching.

6. Saturn: The Loyal Rings of Friendship

Saturn, famous for its iconic rings, represents the enduring bonds of friendship. Friends assigned to Saturn in Snap Planets are those who have stood the test of time. Their loyalty and commitment make them integral to your social circle, and their presence on your Saturn orbit symbolizes the strength of your enduring friendships.

7. Uranus: Unpredictable Connections

Uranus, known for its unique tilt and unpredictable nature, represents friends who bring an element of surprise to your Snapchat world. These are the connections that keep you on your toes. Offering unexpected snaps and keeping the social experience dynamic and ever-changing.

8. Neptune: Dreamy Connections

In the outer reaches of the Snapchat Friend Solar System lies Neptune, the planet of dreams and imagination. Friends assigned to Neptune are those who bring a dreamy and imaginative quality to your social interactions. Their snaps may be artistic, whimsical, or thought-provoking, adding a touch of magic to your Snapchat experience.

The Impact of Snap Planets on Snapchat Plus

The introduction of Snap Planets within the Snapchat Plus subscription has added a new layer of personalization and depth to the user experience. By assigning celestial bodies to friends, Snapchat has transformed the mundane task of scrolling through a friend list into a cosmic journey, where each friend holds a unique place in the solar system of your social universe.

Snap Planets not only provides a fun and creative way to categorize friends but also encourages users to reflect on the nature and depth of their connections. The feature prompts users to consider the qualities that define their friendships, creating a more intentional and meaningful social media experience.


In the vast expanse of social media platforms, Snapchat continues to stand out by embracing innovation and creativity. The Snap Planets feature, with its celestial symbolism. And personalized categorization of friends, adds a refreshing and imaginative dimension to the Snapchat Plus subscription.

As users navigate their way through the Snap Planets solar system, they not only engage with their friends but also explore the nuances and intricacies of their social connections. Snapchat, once again, has succeeded in turning a simple app into a dynamic. And evolving space where friendships are celebrated in a cosmic fashion. Snap Planets has not just changed the way we view our friends on Snapchat. It has elevated the entire social media experience to new celestial heights.

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