Terry Flenory Net Worth 2023: A Closer Look at His Biography, Wife, Age & Salary

terry flenory net worth 2023

Terry Flenory, widely known as “Southwest T,” is a prominent figure in the world of organized crime. With a colorful past and a reputation for his involvement in drug trafficking, Flenory has captured the attention of both law enforcement and the public alike. As of 2023, his net worth and personal life continue to be subjects of interest. In this article, we will delve into Flenory’s biography, his marital status, age, and estimated net worth.

Biography of Terry Flenory

Born on October 31, 1969, in Detroit, Michigan, Terry Flenory had a tumultuous upbringing in the city’s notorious southwest neighborhood. Raised in an environment rife with crime and poverty, Flenory and his brother Demetrius Flenory, known as “Big Meech,” would go on to become the founders of the infamous Black Mafia Family (BMF) in the late 1980s.

Under their leadership, BMF rose to prominence as a significant player in the drug trade, establishing a vast network that spanned several major U.S. cities. Despite the illegal nature of their operations, Terry and Demetrius managed to amass considerable wealth and influence.

Marital Status

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022. There is no public information available regarding Terry Flenory’s current marital status. It is important to note that Flenory has maintained a relatively private personal life. And details about his relationships may not be readily accessible to the public.

Terry Flenory Age

Born on October 31, 1969, Terry Flenory turned 53 years old in 2023. Over the years, he has weathered numerous legal challenges, including a significant federal indictment in 2005 that ultimately led to his incarceration.

Terry Flenory Net Worth

Determining the exact net worth of Terry Flenory in 2023 can be challenging due to the clandestine nature of his criminal enterprises. Nevertheless, it is widely believed that during the height of BMF’s operations. The organization generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

Terry Flenory, as one of the co-founders and leaders of BMF, undoubtedly reaped significant financial benefits from the organization’s activities. However, it is essential to emphasize that these gains were achieved through illicit means, and Flenory and his associates faced severe legal consequences as a result.

In recent years, Flenory has been involved in legal proceedings related to his criminal activities. Convictions and subsequent asset forfeitures have likely impacted his financial standing. As of 2023, it is difficult to ascertain the extent of his remaining assets, as much of his wealth may have been confiscated or utilized to settle legal obligations.


Terry Flenory’s life story is one marked by a complex interplay of crime, wealth, and legal entanglements. Born into challenging circumstances, he and his brother Demetrius rose to infamy as the leaders of the Black Mafia Family. A criminal organization that left an indelible mark on the history of organized crime in the United States.

As of 2023, Flenory’s net worth remains a subject of speculation, given the illicit nature of his wealth accumulation and the legal repercussions he has faced. His personal life, including his marital status, remains largely private.

It is crucial to acknowledge that Flenory’s activities and the success of BMF came at a significant human cost. With communities affected by the consequences of drug trafficking and related criminal enterprises. As we reflect on his biography, it is important to consider the broader societal impact of such activities. And the ongoing efforts to combat organized crime and its associated harms.

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